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Working Out While High – What You Should Know

When people think of stoners, several stereotypes come to mind but, there is one in particular that we want to debunk. Stoners are lazy. There are plenty of people with anecdotal evidence that shows just how productive cannabis can make them, especially when they are getting a good workout in. How can cannabis help you work out? Let’s find out!

Can I work out while high?

Yes, you can! Getting high for a workout can help you focus and elevate your mood before, during, and after your workout. Have you heard of a “runner’s high”? If not, it’s a euphoric feeling that runners experience on longer-distanced jogs and runs. Cannabis can help bring out the “runner’s high” without running. It helps that high come out before hitting the gym or taking your first steps on the pavement. Remember to take this process slowly. If you overdo your high, you may not get the results you hope for from your workout.

How does being high impact my workout?

A THC-high can mimic the runner’s high during a workout. Cannabinoids found in cannabis can heighten senses. Match that with endorphins that are released when exercising, and the combination provides for a complete euphoric state that can get you in the zone for your workout. Not only do cannabinoids help with euphoria and focus, but they can help with the recovery process post-workout including, helping with relaxation, inflammation, and muscle pain. Because cannabis can ease discomfort, you might be able to run a little longer or do a few more reps, which will help with your gains.

Is it safe to work out while high?

If you regularly consume cannabis, you already know how it can impact your body and mind. Knowing this is the first step to ensuring that you can safely work out while high. Whether you’re an experienced cannabis consumer, or a new user trying to figure out all of the benefits cannabis can provide, you need to start small. Microdosing is the best option if you want to work out while high, especially if you want an effective workout. There’s nothing worse than planning to work out and getting a little too high to enjoy it.

What are the best strains for working out?

There may be a trial and error process to find the perfect strain for your workout. Everybody’s body reacts differently to strains. Finding strains that elevate your mood and are high energy will be your best friend during a workout. Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, and Green Crack are great starter strains for a pre-workout session, while Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Bubba Kush, and Harlequin can help with recovery post-workout.

Exercising while high may not be for everyone. If you are unsure you can safely and effectively workout while high, please consult with your doctor. Ease into working out while high, so you get a feel for comfort level and take this process slowly. Once you get comfortable, you will be able to get an effective and fun workout. Now, go and get those gains!