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Top Seven Strains for Increased Appetite

The “midnight munchies” are often associated with cannabis given the hunger causing terpenes many strains possess. Jokes aside, this effect of cannabis has proven to be incredibly beneficial for people who struggle with nausea, appetite in general, or who are going through chemotherapy. Although we know that everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different, thus reacting differently to various terpene profiles, cannabis has long been categorized into groups based on these profiles. For example, terpene percentages often determine if a strain is classified as an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Using these classifications, we can predict how strains will generally affect most people! That being said, below we determined the top seven strains most likely to get your belly rumbling and feet walking to the fridge (or hands reaching for the phone to get take out!).

7. Cookies

This Indica dominant crowd favorite is known for its ability to create a cookie (and, well, all other food) cravings. Despite its appetite-suppressing parent, Durban Poison, the caryophyllene content makes hunger one of the top effects! On top of increasing hunger, cookies are also known for overall increasing mood and giving a case of the giggles.

6. Amnesia Haze

There are few things worse than getting excited to eat a treat in your fridge or pantry…then realizing you forgot you already ate it! Amnesia Haze is not a strain proven to increase those instances, at least, any more than any other strain! However, it is definitely an appetite increasing strain, even as a Sativa, as well as an energy and mood lifter. 

5. Skywalker OG

The next time you’re binge watching Star Wars and are inspired to enjoy this out of this world strain, you may want to double up on your popcorn and sour patch kids. Skywalker OG is an Indica dominant favorite, favored due to its spicy, hoppy smoke and relaxing overall effect. It increases appetite and decreases stress, a win win!

4. Gelato

Named after the objectively superior ice cream of all ice cream, it’s no surprise the slightly Indica dominant strain Gelato may activate your sweet (or savory) tooth. Gelato has cookies in its lineage, only building on its munchie legacy. It doesn’t only boast increased appetite however, it also promises euphoria and pain relief.

3. Wedding Cake

Noticing a trend? We swear we didn’t just choose dessert named strains, but it does seem pretty ironic! Wedding cake is an Indica dominant hybrid that is a sweet and diesel smoke. It assists with both elevating hunger and sleepiness. A slice of cake before bed never sounded so appetizing!

2. Blackberry Kush

Do blackberries count as a dessert? Regardless, this heavily indica dominant counts as a munchie inducing strain for SURE! A descendant of the Indica of all indica’s (Afghani), this purple plant is associated with a berry and fuel like taste and overall sedative effects. Blackberry kush is high in myrcene and low in stress!

1. Pie Hoe

Our number one pick is also dessert named, and sugar sweet from scent to smoke! Pie Hoe is an Indica dominant hybrid that is quite saturated with caryophyllene, and is known for its appetite stimulation and body tingles. Its parents are Grape Pie and Tahoe OG.

Although there are hundreds of strains and methods of consuming cannabis to increase appetite for those looking for such an effect, these seven truly take the (wedding) cake…no pun intended (Okay…kind of intended). Next time you stop by the shop, be sure to ask your patient consultant what strains we have in stock to help increase your munchies! Thankfully, many of these are frequent fliers here at the Local Joint!