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Top 7 Cannabis Related Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season! Sure, you could have grabbed some candles and socks on Amazon for Black Friday for the loved ones in your life, OR, you could give the gift that keeps on giving, gifts every cannabis aficionado adores: cannabis related gifts! We have compiled the top seven gift ideas for the fellow cannabis lovers in your life below:

7. Muv Transdermal Patch

The ultimate stocking stuffer, MUV’s transdermal patch delivers both THC and CBD transdermally for ultimate relief of aches and pains. This gift works exceptionally well for individuals who are interested in cannabis use without oral consumption. 

6. BIIIG Stiiizy Starter Kit
This is a gift that will keep on giving! It includes the official STIIIZY battery, USB charging cable, rechargeable battery, and USB charging port! This battery is compatible with any of the Stiiizy pods, making it excellent for your friends and family who prefer vaping as a method of consumption.

5. CBD Soap

Handcrafted locally, The Sativa Soap Shoppe has an array of soaps that utilize CBD in their mix. They come in fun colors and designs, as well as refreshing scents, making them great gifts and/or stocking stuffers.

4. CBD tincture

The easiest and most versatile way to medicate is using CBD tincture. Perfectly dosed per dropper, CBD tincture is an awesome gift for cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers alike. It’s non-psychoactive, but filled with medicinal benefits, making it a great introduction to the healing power of the plants.

3. Cannabis itself!

As long as you’re in the state of Arizona and both of legal age, cannabis products are truly the best gifts you can give a fellow cannaseur! With so many options and price points, the potential is endless. Whether they’re a flower girl, a concentrate guy, or a vape pen person, we have products for everyone! No need to worry about this gift collecting dust!

2. Puff Co Plus

If you’re trying to give a more elevated gift to someone who has everything, the Puff Co plus is the way to go. Discreet, portable, and revolutionary, the Puff Co Plus is an incredible option for the sophisticated stoner. 

1. Puff Co Pro

The ultimate gift for a partner or loved one you want to especially splurge on, the Puff Co Pro is the future of cannabis concentrate consumption! Gorgeous, practical, and user friendly, the Puff Co Pro boasts a number of impressive features including app controlled heat settings, custom colored LED light choices, dab data, and smooth clean hits that put Puff Co on the map in the first place. Fair warning, gifting this gift this year will make next year’s gift difficult to top!

Happy holidays LJ fam! We hope you have a fun and safe season and help put the tree in Christmas tree. Next time you’re in the shop, your patient consultant can direct you to any of the products listed above as well as suggest even more gift ideas! Merry Kushmas!