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Top 5 Cannabis Themed Costume Ideas

Halloween is around the corner! And while we would argue we have the best treats year-round (in a variety of flavors and milligrams!), we are all about the fall feels and getting in the spirit! That being said, we wanted to bring you all a fun blog post to serve as inspiration for those of you looking to spice up your Halloween costumes this year with your favorite plant without breaking the bank.

5. A Pot Head 

A classic pun and the easiest to execute, use a flower pot or cooking pot as a hat, and you are good to go! Better yet, find a buddy and each choose a different “pot” hat, making you “pot heads”. It’s clever, simple, and an excellent choice if you’re on a budget. Terra cotta pots are not recommended, instead, use plastic copy cats, which are even more affordable!

4. Towelie 

This costume is another crowd-pleaser that requires little to no money to execute. The infamous and loveable character from South Park is easy to replicate, especially if you get your impersonation down! Find a light blue, purple, or periwinkle towel, and secure it to the front of your body with straps or string. Print out the outline of Towelie’s eyes and mouth and tape it on the towel. Boom! To elevate it further, add a cutout joint to add to his mouth!

3. The Devil’s Lettuce

Another simply executed costume, the Devil’s lettuce is number three on our list due to its nuance! Grab devil horns and a head of lettuce and you are trick or treat ready! This phrase used to be used in a negative way towards cannabis, but this costume reclaims that in a way that is fun and next to free!

2. Your Favorite Strain

One of the most creative options is creating a costume based on your favorite strains. Not all strains are ideal for such, but many can be utilized as costume inspiration. For example, gelato and cookies may look like food costumes on the outside, but really they’re a nod to your number one strains! Dress up like a grandpa in all purple…Grand Daddy Purple! Pair a mask with a strawberry costume…strawberry cough! Dress like a spider, but in all white…white widow! This is a great option to those looking to be subtle/discreet, if you know…you know! 

1. Cheech and Chong

Can’t beat the classics! This is our number one pick because not only is it iconic and nostalgic, you can recreate it with a best bud! There are also many ways to do it, given that Cheech and Chong have so many looks! To add extra flare to this costume, we recommend giant inflatable joints!Whether or not you decide to dress up or incorporate cannabis in your costume, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday. Next time you’re in the shop, your patient consultant can direct you to all of our favorite treats! We have sour, sweet, savory, chocolate- all kinds of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.