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Top 5 Cannabis Products for Sleep

Sleep is key for every aspect of the mind and body. It allows our systems to rest and recharge, greatly affecting our mood and productivity each day. One of the most well-known and utilized medicinal benefits of cannabis is its assistance with sleep. As legalization across the United States has continued to grow over the years, so have the ways in which consumers can reap these benefits. If you’re having a difficult time hitting the hay, trying some of the following products might do the trick.

5. Indica Flower

The cannabinoids and terpene profiles that makeup stains typically classified as Indica are known for their ability to induce sleep. For example, the percent of the terpene myrcene present in a strain may impact if it is classified as an Indica. Although we always emphasize that all individuals have a unique endocannabinoid system, indica flower is certainly most commonly associated with increased sleepiness.

4. Tinctures

These products are excellent to administer before bed due to their fast activation. THC and/or CBD are absorbed sublingually through tinctures, meaning under the tongue and into the bloodstream. A process that happens much quicker than through inhalation or digestion. Many tinctures also come with varying ratios of CBD, which can also help with sleep as well as ailments like inflammation and anxiety that can add to insomnia.

3. Edibles

The reason edibles are known for “sneaking up on you” is because they are processed differently in the body. When eating an edible, the THC is processed through the liver and metabolized, turning it into 11-Hydroxy-THC, and then 9-carboxy-THC. These compounds have a much heavier potency than THC alone, inhaled. This is also why whether or not an edible is an “Indica” or “Sativa” matters, as they are processed the same. An edible with these labels may contain ingredients like caffeine or melatonin to mimic Sativa or Indica effects, or simply be labeled this way due to their starting product. 

2. Solventless Live Hash Rosin

Solventless live hash rosin is an excellent way to medicate before bed, given its high THC percentage combined with heavy cannabinoid and terpene profiles preserved in the extraction process. Because there is no solvent during extraction, and the starting material is frozen from fresh plants, the sleep-inducing cannabinoids such as CBN are preserved, which continues when consumed at low burning temperatures (such as through Puff Co consumption vs a joint). 

1. Rick Simpson Oil

Our number one pick is Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson Oil, or, “RSO”, is a product that contains the highest amount of cannabinoids due to it being the result of full-spectrum extraction. This means the entire plant is utilized, including the roots, making it packed full with every useful cannabinoid and compound the plant has to offer. It is the most potent cannabis product, and thus naturally extremely effective for sleep. It also aids in pain relief, making it ideal for those whose insomnia is a result of pain/chronic pain. RSO is commonly utilized by chronically ill patients, or patients going through chemotherapy, because of the high amount of anecdotal instances in which it has reduced pain and increased sleep. Next time you’re lying awake, on minute 45 of your sleep story, consider trying one of the above methods to assist with that insomnia. If you’re struggling with sleep, be sure to connect with your patient consultant next time you’re at the shop. They can show you the best products to align your lifestyle and preferences to ensure you catch some Zzzs! And please, put the sativas down before bed!