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Top 3 New Products for Cannabis Concentrate Consumption

Say that three times fast! From the people that brought you the top three new cannabis products for the 21st century, we’re highlighting three of the latest and greatest products to assist in optimal cannabis concentrate consumption. As technology continues to evolve, the products are able to elevate your consumption experience, taking you to new heights via temperature control, portability, and even LED lights!

3. Connectar 

Whether you’re familiar with the way many first got introduced to consuming concentrates or not, the slim glass piece often referred to as a “nectar collector” is a relatively simple tool for consuming cannabis concentrates where in which the consumer lights the end of it, then gently inhale when placing it in the concentrate container. The Connectar is the new age version of the nectar collector, utilizing the technology from vape pens to combine this old school method into something more sleek and efficient. Instead of heating with a lighter, the battery heats up its ceramic tip itself! This gadget is pocket-sized, portable, and perfect for quick cannabis concentrate consumption!

2. Carter Laser 

Some of you may believe our number two pick should be a number one pick, and honestly, that’s valid, it was a tough call! The Carter Laser is an electronic vaporizer that boasts a variety of features. It has four different heat settings, removable and rechargeable batteries, and can also be used for flower! A true two and one, the Carter Laser is an awesome choice for those flower lovers looking to transition effortlessly into their concentrates journey with this starter e rig.

1. Puff Co Peak Pro

When the Puff Co Peak first came out, it changed the game as we knew it. A smart rig? It was the plot twist we never knew we needed. Here we are again, taken by surprise by the creators of the Puff Co by the incredible design and functionality of the Puff Co Peak Pro. This baby can be controlled by an APP! The temperature isn’t the only thing controlled by the app; the color of the LED lights that famously communicate the heat setting can also be adjusted to any color and shade of the rainbow! The final kicker? It is also the fitness tracker of cannabis consumption devices. The Puff Co Peak Pro will tell you all the dabs you’ve taken and the daily frequency they are taken. This portable spaceship is the smoothest ride with the coolest features, making it the obvious choice for the top new product for cannabis concentrate consumption.While torches and timers are not yet a thing of the past, the present continues to impress us with cutting-edge technology. Next time you’re in the shop, your patient consultant can direct you to both our number one pick, the Puff Co Peak Pro, and products to fill it with!