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Top 3 Cannabis Products for the 21st Century

The 21st century has birthed a technological boom, from electric cars to smart phones to vacuums that move themselves. We have seen innovation like we only dreamed of in the Jetsen days, and said innovation does not stop at technology alone. As cannabis legalization has progressed, so have the methods of consuming, creating incredible products the hippies in the 60s could only dream of. We have a variety of products in the shop that scream “21st century,” but we narrowed down the top 3 that truly remind us the future is now.

3. Rosin Cartridges 

When vape pens came out in general, they revolutionized the cannabis experience. A portable, less harsh, sleek method of medicating, cartridges alone certainly belong on the list of evolutionary products. Rosin cartridges specifically, however, took a revolutionary product and elevated it even more. Rosin cartridges use solventless extraction to truly provide a flower-like consumption experience in a way that produces the original terpene profiles of the plant. It also does such while maintaining a significantly higher THC percentage than flower alone, which enables consumers to utilize less to achieve desired effects. A masterful mix of new technology and old school, rosin cartridges are the future of cartridges.

2. Delta 8

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for centuries, but it took quite some time to realize what made it so medicinal. Research uncovered that cannabinoids and how they react with an individual’s endocannabinoid system by and large are the reason behind said benefits. THC may be the cannabinoid most well known, but it is far from the only cannabinoid. Research and extraction method advances have got us to a place where we can isolate and extract single cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, and the recently popularized delta 8! This extraction progress alone is incredible, but what makes delta 8 in particular so exciting, is its effects. Like THC, delta 8 is a neuroprotectant and stimulates the CB1 receptor in the brain, which are huge medicinal benefits, but unlike THC it is extremely less psychoactive, which allows wider reach in individuals who can use it. For example, someone who does not “like the mental feeling” of THC, but could really use other properties of it, is an excellent candidate for delta 8! 

1. Sprinkle

Gone are the days of making brownies in the kitchen and not knowing if you are going to feel anything or EVERYTHING. Gone are the days of needing sugary sweets as the only method of consuming cannabis orally. Sprinkle has taken Arizona by storm in their incredible product that allows for precise dosing in a calorie-less powder on any food or in any beverage you can imagine! Feeling savory? Swap your parmigiano reggiano for some sprinkle on your pizza! Looking to add some sparkle to your soda? Add some sprinkle! Sprinkle is a practical and effective product that is extremely ideal for foodies who want to decide what they want to medicate or individuals who are looking for less sugary or filling ways to medicate orally.  

Although these three have our votes for products that truly have changed the game, be sure to ask your patient consultant next time you’re at the shop for cool and unique products in stock. The creativity has only just begun, new ideas, methods, and formulas are constantly being crafted to heighten the cannabis consumer’s experience, and we can’t wait to see what the next decade brings!