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The History of 7/10

From the dispensary that brought you the history of 4/20, we thought we would spotlight the less known (but, still pretty popular!) cannabis holiday five days away: 7/10. A holiday known and celebrated by true cannaseuirs, a holiday that has been steadily growing every year since its murky conception.

What does 7/10 Stand for?

Take 7/10, remove the “/” and flip it upside down! What does it spell? OIL! As in, of course, cannabis oil. From solventless concentrates, to vape pens, to RSO, to distillate, 7/10 is a holiday to appreciate all extracts! Extracts are created through either mechanical or separation using a solvent from the cannabis plant. They have an extremely concentrated percentage of THC in comparison to flower, and are most effectively consumed through vaporization.

When was the first 7/10?

We will be honest, the true origins are certainly more mysterious and contested than 4/20. Despite being celebrated only second to as vibrantly as 4/20, this is a more recent phenomena. While 4/20 started back in the 70s, the term 7/10 in general and its association with the word oil is debated to only being around since 2010 and 2011. Artist Taskrok is a popular name to come up when talking about how 7/10 came to be, given references in one of his songs in 2011, though he does not claim to own the term, stressing it is shared by the cannabis community. The first 7/10 event is mostly presumed to be a Los Angeles event that took place in 2011, advertised throughout the publication LA weekly.

How is 7/10 celebrated?

First and foremost 7/10 is celebrated here at the Local Joint with deals of course! However, similar to the ways 4/20 celebrations have grown larger and more mainstream since more and more states have authorized medical and recreational use, so has 7/10. In the last five years, we have seen a steady increase in 7/10 oriented events and sales. With many states allowing consumption in private properties and businesses, 7/10 themed gatherings and conventions are at an all time high. Many dispensaries also have exclusive deals and sales: including your local favorite….

I’m new to dabbing, where do I start?

Checking out our post on solventless concentrates not only covers the ins and outs of these unique kinds of extracts, but also covers the variety of other extracts. Another excellent way of  educating yourself on how to begin is to ask your patient consultant! They are trained not only on the products sold, but also on the different methods of consumption and science of the plant as a whole and all its products! 

There you have it! 7/10 may have a contested and mysterious history, but what’s most important is its trajectory toward the future. As concentrates increase in popularity and accessibility, we predict the holiday will continue to explode in observance.