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Stay in the Know: RSO

The first time someone sees a dark colored syringe of RSO in the dispensary, they usually raise an eyebrow. Patient consultant’s can’t go a day without hearing “what is that?” Which is a fair question, given that it is a product that is so much different than any other cannabis product in the shop! Not only physically, but in its contents and benefits. RSO is a truly unique and special product that just requires some background information to understand. 

What is RSO?

RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. It is a full spectrum cannabis extract. What does full spectrum mean you ask? Full spectrum means that the entire plant is utilized in its extraction. From root to flower, every little morsel of goodness is utilized in creating this product. The THC percentage is there, like any extracted cannabis product, however the entourage effect of the other cannabinoids and terpenes really packs a punch. Rick Simpson Oil is made through extracting from the full cannabis plant with an alcohol based solvent that is purged after the process, meaning, in the final product, only the concentrated oil remains. 

How do you use RSO?

Traditionally, Rick Simpson Oil is consumed sublingually or through oral consumption. To sublingually consume RSO, the markings on the syringe are utilized to provide an exact dose under the tongue which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. For oral consumption, it is essential to keep in mind that because RSO is full spectrum, the cannabis taste is very strong, and paired with the thick, sticky, consistency, is not for everyone to consume on its own. It’s recommended to pair with something with a strong taste to mask it, or infuse it into a chocolate based confection(it doesn’t have to be chocolate, but it sure does mask well!).

What is RSO good for?

Like all cannabis products, because of the nuances in everyone’s individualized cannabinoid system, everyone responds to RSO differently. That being said, the most popular uses for Rick Simpson Oil are pain management and nausea control. It is very popular for cancer patients to utilize the oil to manage their pain and appetite, particularly while enduring chemotherapy. Due to it’s high THC content paired with its full spectrum quality, it is very ideal for both of these uses. 

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson is known as the father and founder of Rick Simpson oil, hence why it is named after him! Rick Simpson, a Canadian man, was diagnosed with cancer, and after reading a study from the National Cancer Institute surrounding THC killing cancer cells in mice, wanted to attempt to treat his skin cancer, basal cell sarcoma, this way. To do so, he developed a method of extracting the full benefits of the plant into an oil, which he utilized topically on the targeted area. The cancer spot went away, inspiring his development of the RSO we know today!

Can RSO cure cancer?

Technically, there is no official peer-reviewed research that proves that RSO can cure cancer. Hopefully, with laws changing every day, funded studies will be able to continue in the future, and provide us more answers. However, there are many anecdotal accounts of RSO aiding in cancer treatment, particularly skin cancer, as congruent with Rick Simpson’s story! With all medical and recreational cannabis use, you should speak with your doctor or other health care professional before using Rick Simpson Oil. 
Rick Simpson Oil is an incredible example of the power of plants, specifically the cannabis plant we all know and love. Although it may seem intimidating at first glance, the more you know, the less scary and more exciting it seems! This heavy hitter is an excellent way to medicate without smoking or vaping, if you can mask it’s very strong taste (Seriously, try it with chocolate)!