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Recreational Marijuana Laws in Arizona

Recreational marijuana is legal in Arizona! Now what? The recent start of recreational cannabis sales for adult use in Arizona brings a lot of joy, and a lot of questions. We are here to help! It is of the utmost importance to keep our loyal medical patients and new recreational clients informed, educated, and empowered. 

Below are some of the most common questions surrounding Arizona’s latest changes:

  1. What is the law for recreational marijuana in Arizona?

According to the Arizona adult use recreational marijuana law (A.R.S. § 36-28520), In the state of Arizona, if you are 21 years old or older, you can legally purchase cannabis products in child resistant packaging (including flower, concentrates, and edibles) at any licensed dispensary, including ours! A 16% excise tax is placed on every recreational purchase. Your purchase amount cannot exceed one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrate. Public consumption of cannabis, selling cannabis, or driving under the influence of cannabis, remains unlawful. You can read the full law here.

  1. What is the difference between a recreational marijuana dispensary and a recreational cannabis dispensary?

Rhetoric! Marijuana is another word for cannabis. Cannabis is actually the scientific name for the plant, whereas marijuana is a nickname for it originating from the mexican word “marihuana”. Marijuana is typically used to refer to the flower, or buds of the plant, whereas cannabis is used to to describe the whole plant and related products. Many dispensaries and individuals choose to use the word cannabis in an effort to destigmatize the plant. The government/state typically uses the word marijuana. A recreational cannabis dispensary in Arizona is the same thing as a recreational marijuana dispensary in Arizona, just by another name! 

  1. What does recreational cannabis mean for medical cannabis patients?

Here at Local Joint, patients come first. That means we have created a separate line and special deals exclusive to medical marijuana card holders in order to prioritize patient medicinal access. First time patient deals only apply to patients. These policies were created by us to keep your experience as a patient consistent and stress free, despite an increase of dispensary customers. As a patient, the adult use 16% excise tax will also be waived. Per the law, purchase limits for patients remain the same, that being 2.5 ounces every fourteen days. Patients also do not have to adhere to the 100mg edible limit.

  1. What is the best way to find a recreational marijuana dispensary near me?

If you have gotten this far, and are in the Phoenix/Tempe area, you have found your new Local recreational cannabis spot! We are located at 4201 E University Dr. The Arizona Department of Health Services has also created a list of all dispensaries legally allowed to sell recreational marijuana here. Cannabis friendly websites and apps such as Leafly and Weedmaps are also great tools!

  1. What kind of cannabis products can I buy?

Licensed Arizona recreational marijuana dispensaries can sell adult use patients flower, concentrates, and edibles in child resistant packaging. However, there are limits. An adult use client cannot exceed one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrate. It does not matter if the cannabis is a sativa, indica, or hybrid. An adult use client purchasing edibles cannot purchase any edible that exceeds 100mg, and said edibles must be divided into 10mg pieces. CBD only products are also available for purchase, without the excise tax, and do not have limits. CBD and THC products are also available with the same limits as a THC product without CBD. 

  1. What happens if I get pulled over after shopping at a recreational dispensary?

Adult use and medical patients alike should always wait to open their purchase when they are home and no longer driving. It is best practice to put your purchase in your trunk for the duration of your drive. It is still illegal to drive and consume cannabis. Doing so could result in a DUI and other charges. If you are pulled over and possess more than your allotted amount, you could be guilty of a petty offense. 

  1. How do I get a medical marijuana card? 

We highly recommend our favorite local doctor, Dr. Clark, The Strength Doctor! Obtaining a medical marijuana card requires a qualifying medical condition, verified by a licensed professional, as well as a payment to the Arizona Department of Health Services. This digital card is valid for two years until it requires renewal. Bringing existing medical records can help save time and money at your visit!

We are so excited to welcome new adult-use customers into our shop. Our patient consultants are happy to assist with additional questions and concerns regarding the new laws and regulations. We are excited to be your new Local Joint for all your cannabis wants and needs!