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We Are Local Joint Dispensary

We are a non-profit medical marijuana dispensary dedicated to providing its patient-members with respectful, compassionate care, while offering them exceptional quality affordable medicine.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff.

We operate in a responsible manner that reflects a community-minded philosophy. We emphatically believe that qualifying medical marijuana patients have a fundamental right to access alternative medicine in a safe, confidential, and supportive setting.

Beautiful, Comfortable Experience.

We maintain strict security protocols in order to provide a safe and secure, and private environment for our patients and staff members. Our medicine is sealed and clearly labeled, providing patients with convenient, easy to understand information, while adhering to all state and local laws.

Local Joint is built around its patients, and plans to continually develop as the Medical Marijuana Industry continues to develop and thrive in Arizona.


Providing an unique customer journey from beginning to end.

Local Community

Joint Effort

We believe that taking care of our surrounding Community is equally as important as aiding our Medical Patients. Each month we join forces with our brand partners in an effort to provide relief for Patients in need and raise money for a variety of Fundraisers and Global Outreach programs. Through these good deeds we aim to create a new positive culture and eliminate the stigma surrounding the Cannabis Industry.

Meet Our Passionate Caring Team

Our Patient Consultants are devoted to ensuring that patients receive expert advice and education about their medical options, in a friendly and professional environment.